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Why is there no phone number to call?

The short answer is that Greg and I are not 'phone people'. When text messaging came out, it was a revelation! What? You can communicate without talking, without voicemail, without email? Just a few words?! We text each other while in the same house.
The other reason is that when I used to take orders on the phone I'd space out, listening to a long string of numbers, then I would mess up the order. No one likes that. Plus, I hate when I'm elbow deep in polishing, then the phone rings. Gosh, there are so many reasons. No need to mention the customer that just wanted to talk unicorns....for hours.

How come it takes 10-15 days before it ships? Hugeinternetcompany.com overnights it seconds after I place my order! What's up with that?!

The main reason it can take 10-15 days is that we MAKE every piece and sometimes we get flooded with orders. Also, equipment can break down, a mold gets ruined and has to be retooled or someone gets sick. If any of these things happen, it slows down production. Right now, it's just Greg, Justin and Charlie making all the goods, so be patient! Think about how cool it is that there is a tiny garage factory in America making items here, getting their metal here and supporting folks in beautiful Asheville! It's amazing. But, if you need something fast, like your best friend's cousin is having a party and you want to make a quick gift, consider buying from one of our awesome friends that carry our goods! They have done all the waiting for you and can package it up and send it fast!

 What is your wholesale policy?

We offer a wholesale discount of 50% off retail from our website offerings and 30% off the bronze coins from my Etsy shop with a resale license # and an opening order of $200, with a minimum of $100 for future orders. You'll need to email over your order to Greg at greengirlstudios@gmail.com.
Just copy and paste your cart over, or list the item numbers. Or, contact Greg and ask him to create a special code if you'd like to use our website. This code is only valid to use by the person who opens the account, any sharing of codes will revoke wholesale discounts. So no giving it to your Avon Lady.

Do you guys do custom work?

We do custom work for serious designers and companies who plan to cast a lot of pieces, justifying the cost of the creation of the master. It takes time to carve a beautiful component. Hours of labor go into the master, so the process is not cheap. It's a great deal if you plan to make thousands of one particular design over the course of years that you will hold exclusive reproduction rights to. But, it may be too pricey for a nice gift for a friend. For serious inquiries, email us at greengirlstudios@yahoo.com and we will discuss rates and a timeline.

How do I clean my beads?

There are many ways to clean metal charms and beads if they have acquired a film of dirt and oils. I like to use a toothbrush and Oxy Clean, but any cleaner should work.

To get them super shiny, use foam polishing pads or a piece of denim with tiny bit of Pledge furniture polish to buff them to high shine. Really, any light wax will help to diminish scratches on the surface. Just keep in mind if you put on too much, it will attract more dust.

To get a matte finish, try using a new, dry kitchen scrub sponge as a sanding sponge, to take off some of the shine. Just lightly buff the surface with sponge.

If you have a rotary tumbler and steel tumbling shot, tumble the beads with cold water and either Burnishing Compound (preferably) or dish soap. 

Can I come over and watch you guys make beads:)?

At the moment, we aren't allowing random folks over to watch the process. Perhaps we've seen too many awkward situations ( like dudes showing up in nothing but trench coats and sunglasses, or the time this gal came over 'to be my special friend' ) to make us anything but wary of requests. If you'd like to chat and see the full line, come visit us at a show, or take one of our classes!

What shows do you attend?

Here's a list of what we are currently signed up for:

Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show / Tucson, AZ

April 8-22, 2021

What are the beads made from?

All of our pieces are made from the highest quality materials available. We don't use anything toxic, leaded or bad for the environment. Since we're pretty much cookin' up this stuff in the house, we don't want to have issues with skin disorders or foaming at the mouth either, so only the best stuff is used!

Pewter - tin, antimony, copper.
Bronze - copper, tin
Sterling Silver - silver, copper
Shibuichi - copper, silver

Do you teach classes?

On occasion Greg and I have offered classes on wax work, figure drawing, mold making and resin techniques. If interested in having us teach, or where our next class will be, contact us at greengirlstudios@yahoo.com.

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